Things you should know if you plan to install a geothermal system in your home or business.

  • A geothermal facility works by doing something very simple to explain (it captures heat from the earth and moves it to your home, refrigeration upside down) but much harder to do correctly and efficiently.
  • There is a standard of good practices in geothermal energy published by AENOR (UNE 100715-1: 2014) and that you must require at least to carry out its installation.
  • At Promiex we treat that rule as a minimum statement. In addition, many key aspects of a geothermal facility are treated more closely in terms of control, material quality and design sophistication. This does not affect the final price of the installation (we encourage you to compare budgets), but rather a “know-how”.
  • In order to carry out a geothermal installation that is effective and efficient, knowledge is required in a very diverse range of subjects (geology, thermal properties of materials and terrain, hydraulics, thermotechnics, civil engineering, drilling, etc.) and an integral control of the whole project.
  • Participation in a geothermal project of several agents each carrying out their work without connection between them and without a global leader usually results in a poor performance and sometimes failed installation.

Failures made during the geothermal installation, especially in the captation area, can notnormally be repaired, and the comfort of your home is conditioned throughout your life.

Integral Development of Geothermal Projects of Any Type.

Design and installation of heating, hot water and refrigeration systems using geothermal energy according to standard UNE 100715-1:2014. We design, process and install the complete geothermal system:

  • Complete geothermal field (drilling, installation of probes, fills, etc.).
  • Horizontal piping (sizing, trenching, distribution controls, etc.).
  • Machine room (heat pumps, tanks, control systems, etc.)
  • Radiant floor systems, fun-coils, low temperature radiators, (advice to choose the most suitable option in each project).

We take care of everything. The client receives the completed installation, with all legal procedures and ready to operate.