Energy efficiency



Issuance of Energy Certificates for residential buildings, small and large tertiary. The programs used for this purpose are CYPETHERM HE PLUS and CE 3X. Tools approved by the Ministerio de Transición Ecológica  for the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings.

Special attention to improvement measures. Effective advice to the promoter for the implementation of the recommended improvements, so that these are not reduced to just a simple report to complete the process of issuing the Energy Certificate.

Issuance by PROMIEX S.L. of a large number of Energy Certificates since the entry into force of their obligation.


The basic foundation of geothermal energy is very simple, it consists of capturing heat from the earth and transmitting it to your home, and in the case of refrigeration, the process will be carried out in reverse, that is, the heat from your home will be extracted from it and transmitted to earth.

In order to ensure the rigor in the design and execution of its installation, the UNE 100715-1: 2014 Standard was published by AENOR in 2014, the compliance of which must be required by the developer from the first moment in which such an installation was proposed. This is the work of PROMIEX S.L. ensure compliance with the aforementioned Standard throughout all phases of the project. Our team is made up of mining engineers and energy engineers who have two different professional profiles that complement each other:

  • Engineers with extensive experience (more than 10 years), in drilling, civil works and energy projects.
  • Engineers who come from academic research groups in energy and specifically in geothermal energy.

This allows us to propose highly advanced and efficient geothermal projects while impeccably executed on land.

Completion of Thermal Response Test (T.R.T.)

Thermal Response Test is an experimental procedure that allows determining in situ both λ (ground conductivity) and Rb (thermal resistance of the sounding). This Test consists of circulating a heat transfer fluid between 48 and 72 hours through the heat exchanger well and monitoring the inlet and outlet temperature of the system.