Since its inception PROMIEX along with other partners, has been part of several Moroccan companies with Spanish capital. These companies operate primarily in the plaster industry. Since 2007, it also has interests in the mining industry and in the concrete and asphalt for roads manufacturing industries.

Promiex operates both as a promoter and as a technical consultancy.

Over the past 18 years, the development of our expertise in technical assistance, especially for companies in the mining, public works and energy sectors has led us to develop a truly exceptional “Know How”, which can be applied in Northern Morocco, an area which is growing at an extraordinary pace.

After over 11 years in this country, PROMIEX has a network of companies and local partners which ensures a fast and effective establishment of Spanish companies in the area, while acting with agility with the Moroccan Administration.

Currently its activity is articulated in this country by engaging in companies ARENAS DEL RIF S.A.R.L y ALMAT S.A.R.L implemented both in the northern city of Al Hoceima.