Oil & Gas


PROMIEX acts as technical consultancy specializing in explosives. In this sense, the main works developed by PROMIEX are:

  • Obtaining Permits from the Spanish Authorities for the use of explosives in the wells for shooting and backoff works developed by oil and gas companies.
  • Drafting of technical projects and any additional documentation required for the use of explosives.
  • Management for custody of authorized explosives depots.
  • Availability of a Spanish company which is authorized to handle explosives. Shot firing.
  • Obtaining approval for the installation of auxiliary explosive depots in the wells.
  • Management of the services developed by companies specializing in explosives surveillance for casual work in the wells.
  • Cataloging of explosives from other countries for their use in the country.

Companies in this industry, such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford, have hired PROMIEX for specialized consulting. PROMIEX has also developed this type of work as a contractor for some of these companies in flagship projects such as:

  • Underground Gas Storage at Yela (Guadalajara). “Santa Barbara” Surveys. BAKER HUGHES, Contractor. ENAGAS Promoter.
  • Underground gas storage at Serrablo (Huesca). “Jaca” Surveys. BAKER HUGHES Contractor. ENAGAS, promoter.
  • Underground gas storage at CASTOR Vinarós (Castellón). BAKER HUGHES, Contractor. Promoter, ESCAL UGS.
  • Exploration wells for CO2 injection in the region of Sahagún (León). Surveys, “Duero”. WEATHERORD, Contractor. ENDESA GENERACION SA, Promoter.
  • Exploration wells for CO2 injection at Pina de Ebro and Monegrillos (Zaragoza). Surveys “SM-1 and SM-4.” WEATHERORD Contractor. ENDESA GENERACION Promoter
  • Exploration well of gas appreciation at T.M de Hornos de Moncalvillo (Logroño). Survey “Viura 3″. WEATHERORD Contractor. UNIÓN FENOSA GAS AND EXPLORATION S.A Promoter.
  • Underground Gas Storage GAVIOTA at Bermeo (Bizkaia). Works at GAVIOTA 6. BAKER HUGHES Contractor. ENAGAS Promoter
  • Research Permit.”REUS”. Wells REUS 2 and REUS 3. Technical works in Well Abandonment Plan